Choose between a traditional sauna and a steam bath

We have a fantastic sauna on the grounds. It is located in the old curing shed at the bank of Lake Mälaren, with its own pier directly adjacent to it. Guests can choose between a traditional sauna and a steam bath.
The sauna is the perfect ending to a tennis match or a jogging tour along the banks of Mälaren.

The brave can plunge into the waters of Mälaren, which provide a stark contrast to the warmth of the sauna the better part of the year. Remember, the trick to managing real ice bathing is to torture yourself a wee bit longer inside the sauna. Scientists have shown that sauna bathing greatly reduces the risk of heart attack and that there is a clear correlation between the length of time spent in the sauna and the lowered risk of heart attack. The more time you spend in the sauna, the better protection you’ll get!