Activities at Ulvhäll’s Manor

Our spacious estate offers fun, challenging, and meaningful activities – for private groups as well as corporate events. All year round we can arrange various exciting activities, both indoors and outdoors.

Activities at no additional cost

The Cooking Studio with 7 working stations

Cooking studio

The Cooking Studio, in the old restaurant kitchen, has become the most popular place for our guests to gather and hang out. The large rustic copper table in the middle of the kitchen is where groups (of 14 or less) usually enjoy their delightful meals together. Although you might have the entire manor for yourself, we wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t leave the kitchen!

Wine Cellar for unique wine tastings

In the basement of the manor an exclusive wine cellar can be found. Bring your own wines and enjoy a luxurious wine session without ruining your conference budget.

Scandinavian Spa with sauna by the lake

Our sauna is stunningly placed by the beach of Lake Mälaren. Once upon a time, the building was used for the culinary process of meat hanging (dry-aging meat to develop its flavor and tenderness). Discover the alluring details in the structure, which tell stories of the past.

The New Tennis Court

Tennis court at Ulvhäll’s Manor

We have two newly built tennis courts with five layers of hard court. Why not kick off a small tennis tournament as a fun activity while staying at Ulvhäll’s Manor?

The Billiard Parlor

The Billiard Parlor at Ulvhäll’s Manor

You’ll find our billiard parlor just next to the main lounge. Its alluring atmosphere will keep you up all night!

Activities at an additional cost

Hunting at Ulvhäll

Hunting at Ulvhäll

Ulvhäll’s Manor is located in the heart of Sörmland and offers many spectacular hunting opportunities. We collaborate with neighbouring estates and farms abounding in game, and together with our local partners, we can organize everything from hunting licenses, different hunting forms, as well as cooking of game meat (all depending on the season and availability).

Sausage Making Course

In partnership with Köttbutiken Millert & Dahlén, we offer a course in sausage making. Learn all about sorting of meat, equipment, hygiene, temperature, recipes, season mixtures, and the fine skills of sausage making. This is a unique course in a traditional artistry – a course for those who has made sausages before, as well as for those who are curious but never tried this delicious craftsmanship.

Pike Fishing in Lake Mälaren

It is a true privilege that one of the best pike places lies just outside our manor. Ulvhäll’s unique location by Lake Mälaren offers many fine fishing opportunities. The Swedish so-called “frifiskerätten” (Free fishing right) gives us the right to fish in Lake Mälaren. Enjoy tranquil fishing from the jetty by yourself or book a fishing class in the art of fishing with one of our professional guides. During winter, you don’t want to miss out on the captivating ice fishing opportunities!

Interested? Contact us on info@ulvhall.se


Ulvhäll day cruiser

Ulvhäll has an Aquador 26DC (for groups of maximum 8 people onboard). Why not start your business meeting with a refreshing boat tour just a couple of hours from Stockholm City Hall or take an excursion to Birka that is situated only 30 minutes from Ulvhäll? Contact us for pricing and arrangements!

Off-Road Jeep Course

Driving a real Jeep off-road is a unique and challenging experience. Feel the power, capacity and comfort of the Jeep in the surroundings of beautiful Swedish nature. You will learn the basics of off-road driving and conquer challenging stock obstacles under supervision of qualified instructors.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting at Ulvhäll’s Manor

Experience one of the most traditional activities at a manor: learn clay pigeon shooting with a unique and locally made Flodmanvapen (shotgun).

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