Wedding & Celebration

There is no doubt that our beautiful venue – with exquisite crystal chandeliers and the magnificent view over Lake Mälaren – will create an enticing atmosphere for the celebration of your lifetime, as well as for smaller, intimate occasions. There are many options for how the manor can be used. Why not rent the entire manor to enjoy all by yourselves, the way that suits you? The venue can easily be transformed and customized for various celebrations, such as baptism, birthday, memorial, wedding or any other festivity. Choose between the festive hall and the saloon for dinner inside. During the summer it is wonderful to enjoy dinner on the big terrace in front of the manor and use the lounges for dance, or vice versa.

Don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can organize the wedding, birthday celebration, memorial, or bachelorette/bachelor party of your life!


Nothing is more romantic than having your wedding ceremony in a natural environment, with a spectacular backdrop of a tranquil lake and a lush forest. Ulvhäll’s venue and location serve as an optimal place for both your marriage ceremony and wedding reception – from intimate parties to grand celebrations. 

Birthday Party

Ulvhäll födelsedagsfest

Ulvhäll’s Manor is a natural fit for those special celebrations, such as birthdays. We’ll play a part in fulfilling all your wishes – big or small – for a party to remember.

Memorial Service


The homely atmosphere at the manor and its warmth will make sure you can hold a peaceful memorial service to remember your loved one. We’ll assist with customized solutions for your every need, from reception to refreshments and dining.

Bachelorette & Bachelor Party


What better way to have a bachelorette/bachelor party with your closest friends than with a getaway in the Swedish archipelago – with plenty of fun, adventure and relaxation? Have the entire manor for yourselves, choose from delicious foods, and get to know each other better with some of our various exciting activities.

Baptism & Naming Ceremony

Namngivning Ulvhäll

A baptism or a naming ceremony is often the family’s first opportunity to gather people together to help play a part in their child’s life. Celebrate your beautiful child in our beautiful garden or in one of our delightful rooms. Have a cozy tea time, be served a delicious meal or bring your own refreshments to the venue.

Other Celebrations

Jultid Ulvhälls herrgård

The doors of our manor house are open all year round, and we are always keen to celebrate all major holidays such as Advent, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, Summer Feasts, and Halloween. Contact us for more info and a quote.

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