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Ulvhäll is always a natural fit but it’s at its best when it comes to weddings. The homely atmosphere in the manor and its warmth add so much to life’s biggest party. There are many options for how the house can be used. During the summer it is wonderful to enjoy dinner on the big terrace in front of the manor and use the lounges for dance, or vice versa. Call Björn and discuss the possibillities. Thanks to all the weddings that have been celebrated at Ulvhäll we feel confident that we have what it takes to be able to discuss how we make your party optimal.

A little thought that has been very successful; Why not rent Ulvhäll from the night before the wedding and invite your closest friends and family to slowly get in the mood and give the preparations the time they deserve? The guests who have chosen to do so have been incredibly satisfied. We can offer a good price on this extra overnight stay.

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Your overnight stay either takes place in one of the manor house’s 13 attic rooms or if you need more rooms, in the adjacent annex you will find another 19 rooms whereof 14 are lofts. In total Ulvhäll has 71 beds.

Including VAT the cost of renting the whole manor is 36 000 SEK. If you want to use the 4 stars rooms in the annex it costs 1 300 SEK/room including VAT.

Talk to Björn about the details.

You bring your own beverage.

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