Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting at Ulvhäll’s Manor

Clay pigeon shooting is one of the most popular traditional shooting sports in the world. It combines both strength and precision and is an enjoyable challenge for rookies, as well as a perfect practice for seasoned sharp-shooters and hunters. Our clay pigeon shooting takes place at a shooting area only 10 minutes by car from Ulvhäll’s Manor, near the manufacturers of the shotgun Flodmanvapen.

To start with, we’ll demonstrate how to keep safe and how to handle the weapon. Thereafter, you will learn the art of shooting, i.e. how to hit the target! Our highly skilled instructors are there to guide you, and you will quickly notice that once you hit those targets and shatter the clay, the sense of satisfaction is immense. It leaves you wanting more and more. Why not wrap up the session with a fun competition to see who the best shot is?

Dress appropriately for the season and the weather.

Cost: activity fee 6.500 SEK + 350 SEK / person

Contact us to book.

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