Cooking Studio

The kitchen, as in many homes, is the heart of Ulvhäll’s Manor. We all know how it’s like at parties… people gather and hang out in the kitchen! Cooking together in our professional Cooking Studio is one of our guests’ most popular activities at Ulvhäll. Why not turn cooking into a team-building activity? You can choose to have the whole Cooking Studio for yourselves or to cook with the warm company and delicate guidance of one of the best master chefs that Sörmland and Stockholm have to offer.

Cooking studio at Ulvhäll kitchen
Cooking studio
Ulvhäll's Manor cooking studio supper


Ulvhäll’s manor cooking studio pantry

We’d love to help you choose an appealing theme for each meal. Vegetarian, game, fish, … it’s up to you! Our carefully selected ingredients are available for you in our high-quality pantry.


Food & Beverages at Ulvhäll's Manor

The alcoholic beverages our guests bring are stored in a separate room. By bringing your own wines, you can enjoy high quality beverages without paying sky-high bar prices.

Wine Cellar

Ulvhäll’s manor wine cellar 2

In the basement of our manor house, you’ll find our whimsical and authentic wine cellar. A hidden treasure where your party can enjoy the wines you have brought.

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